About Us

Tora Foods started off in a small back room of a mom & pop corner store 5 years ago. Stacking up boxes to the ceiling, falling over half-opened cartons, we decided to branch out online bringing convenience right to your doorstep. No headache, no hassle, just a straight and simple - you want it - we will get it for you attitude. 

Our business has one simple objective, to bring our customers convenience & quality without sacrificing their wallets. 

We have built strong relationships with our suppliers over the years and it is this synergy that allows us to bring you word renowned brands right to your door step. Anywhere around the world. 

We are extremely proud of the business we have created, with the support of our Tora family around us.  

We have now grown into small team of members who all share the same ethic that inspired us to launch Tora Foods. Honesty, passion, and commitment to providing only the best to you.

With your support we aim to grow even further continually developing not only our portfolio but our business making sure we always remain true to our values. 

We are here to listen to you, no matter big or small, good or bad.  

Every order is hand picked and carefully packed to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition.  And when you need us, feel free to call us without the hassle of automated answering machines...and get through to real people...with a sense of humour and who share a real passion for what they do. 


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